About Us

A brief history

The company MP di Rosanna Pellegrini & C. sas was founded in 1963 by Mrs. Rosanna Pellegrini and her husband Enrico. It has always met the growing demand of customers, being able to compete in the ever changing demands of the international market thanks to the efforts and perseverance of a valuable team of collaborators.

Mrs. Pellegrini has started the business by placing her products on the local market. Over the years, the company has grown up to a technologically advanced reality in the industry, being able to distribute its products in Italy and abroad, especially in Europe and the Far East.

Since 2001, in addition to her husband Enrico, who has always supported Mrs. Pellegrini, the company management has included their nephew Raffaella and her husband Mauro, who have been working in the company for over 30 years.

Rosanna Pellegrini’s collections are distributed to the best boutiques at national and international level and are addressed to a classy woman who loves standing out and having a sophisticated, smart and elegant appearance.

The constant attention to the quality of its products has allowed MP di Rosanna Pellegrini & C. sas to offer new and continuous proposals to the market’s sector.

Autumn/Winter collections are knitwear made mainly with high-quality yarns, while in the Spring/Summer collection, in addition to “real tricot”, fine fabrics of various types prevail.

The company today

The company is headquartered in Borghi (FC) and is a knitwear factory with a complete production cycle, starting from weaving to the finished product.

Pride of our company is the fact that production has always been carried out with handicraft care 100% Made in Italy, far away from any form of outsourcing.

In addition to the widespread presence on the national territory, the company participates in several international exhibitions with the aim of expanding to foreign markets and turning Rosanna Pellegrini into an increasingly prestigious brand.

Some distinguishing features have remained intact over time: quality, reliability and care in the selection of materials.

The company has its own boutique in the old town centre of Rimini, where you can buy its collections.

Rosanna Pellegrini

Rosanna Pellegrini, daughter of her mother Rosa, a prestigious seamstress, was born in Santarcangelo di Romagna. She began her career in the fashion industry when she was just 14.

She started with a small knitting machine but thanks to her intuition and the long-standing experience gained over the years, today she creates and proposes fashionable collections which address the increasing customer demand.

On 27th December 1979 she got the recognition she deserved: Rosanna Pellegrini was appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro, which is the highest Italian honour for an industry manager, by the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini.

Today, 50 years after the company’s establishment, Rosanna Pellegrini has the same enthusiasm of the early days and makes it available to all.

MP di Rosanna Pellegrini & C. sas - Via Cornacchiara, 123 - 47030 Borghi (FC) - Italy Tel: +39 0541 629717